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Legacy - Youth Group


What's Your Legacy?



Hillside Church's Legacy Youth is comprised of students aging from 6th grade up through 12th grade.  They meet regularly on Sunday mornings and also offer a number of events throughout the year.  


Pastor T.J. Kelley and his wife, Connie lead the Youth along with the occasional intern that will participate from time to time.  


A Word from the Director of Student Ministries --


“At Hillside Church we are passionate about discipling people in every facet of life. Having worked with youth now for 10+ years I understand how truly paramount it is for the youth of today to encounter and maintin a counter-cultural influence. We are entirely focused on relationship and discipleship. We do not want students to believe today and abandon their faith tomorrow, rather we want the youth of today to usher in God’s presence today, tomorrow,  the next day, and so on into eternity. 
There are clear expectations placed on the youth of today, and rarely are they expectations of success. We hope to create a new legacy for our youth…that is my passion. ”   --- Pastor T. J. Kelley

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