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Our Church Values ...

Sunday Morning

Sunday School..........................9:30 am


Main Worship Service.............10:30 am

  • Nursery Available

(Kids under 3 years old)

  • Little Lambs (Kids 3-5 years old) 

  • KWAM – Kids With A Mission

(Kids K-5th Grade)

  • Legacy - Youth Group

(Middle and High School)



We believe in the importance of worshipping God with our entire lives. We emphasize honoring God in both our individual lives and as a Church community through worship, prayer and having a growing and meaningful relationship with God. 


The Bible is our source of truth for knowing God and for guidance in our lives.  We value teaching, preaching, and studying God's Word in order to build a mature faith.  We emphasize Biblical truths, presenting them in age-appropriate and relevant ways for each person in your family; regardless of age or stage of faith. 


Encouragement, accountability and spiritual support happen when believers are connected by relationship within a caring community.  We envision every person being a part of a small group in order to help strengthen their spiritual walk.


Effective evangelism in our community and around the world is supported by prayer, finances and outreach opportunities.  Through global missions and our personal relationships; we share the hope of Christ and how He has transformed each of our lives. 


A committed believer is intentional about serving others. We believe it is our responsibility to be in ministry; giving our time and resources, as well as utilizing our gifts and talents to honor God. 

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